What is it like to have six brothers and sisters? Our nine year old explains in his words what is like to live with six brothers and sisters. This article is Ian’s first. 


Crazy! My brothers and sisters names are Noah, Cohen, Bentley, Atticus, and my two sisters names are Isla and Holly. My brother Noah loves to play with legos when he gets home from school he plays with them. He can create anything out of them like, a bird, a castle, a spaceship, and a live size lego guy. 


I love to play Nerf wars with him; he always makes the best fort out of are chairs and blanket and pillows. His favorite movie is the Lego movie, and his favorite book is Fablehaven and food is stroganoff.


Cohen has a hearing aid. His favorite food is hamburgers and mac and cheese. His favorite superhero is Batman the Dark Knight.He loves reading Geronimo Stilton. I think his favorite movie is Storks. His favorite game is Lego Batman three. He has dark brown hair. He loves to play Legos with his brothers and sisters. We all think he has a crush on this girl named… okay, he doesn’t want me to tell you who it is.


Bentley Is a cute little kid with blue glasses and brown glasses sometimes he is not cute, and he gets angry a lot with his brothers. His favorite food is pizza and spaghetti. He loves to play tackle with our dad and our new dog. A lot of times he plays tackle with the dog he gets bit and starts crying.


Atticus has the most cuteness in the family besides his sister. His favorite animal is a monkey and an alligator. He said one time to this girl will you marry me in the temple. His favorite food is pizza. He has a secret crush on Alice in the wonderland that’s his favorite movie also. He loves to fight with me and my dad.

So this is what the boys do in our family, we play video games, play with legos, wrestle, have Nerf wars with one another, play with the dog, and eat food a lot. I think the boys have more stuff to do then the girls in our family. The girls are going to a little boring so don’t cry if they’re not as good as the boys.


Isla is a huge fan of Frozen and the Little Mermaid. She has a ton of dolls to play with when she’s alone. Her sister keeps her happy a lot. I know she loves her sister a lot. She loves to help mommy and daddy with stuff like the laundry. She likes to sleep in a lot especially on weekdays. She has a very high-pitched voice like a baby elf.


Holly is super cute and a lot of joy! She has a lot of brothers to play with and one sister. I help a lot with her like a lot. To me, Holly is like an angel I+h=! to me.

Now this is how I can live with them for my whole life. First I am mostly at school. Second, of all, I usually am doing something else. Last, of all I love them, and I enjoy being around them a lot. This is what it is like to have six brothers and sisters.