We Relived our First Date: 13 Years and Seven Kids Later 

Below is Stephanie’s version of the story taken from her old blog.

The Airport

I didn’t see him till I had come down the elevator and out of the security gate, nearing the baggage claim area. He was sitting down in a seat, and he stood up as I wondered out with my carry on items. He recognized me first I guess. He kinda had a smile on his face, but not a complete one, and he was quite. I guess I was quiet too. I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret his initial greeting. He was wearing a black hoody and jeans- he looked cute- man I loved his hair and his blue eyes! Maybe I was sort of attracted to him….Hmmmm. He helped me get my baggage off of the baggage belt, and then together we carried it out into the parking garage towards his car. He laughed at me because I was wearing sandals and it was windy and snowing a lot outside. It kinda felt like I’d hired him to be my chauffeur. I tried giving him a 20 for gas, but he wouldn’t take it. I certainly appreciated his kindness.

The Errands 
After packing everything of mine into his Mazda, we sped off out onto the freeway. He had to make a stop at one of his work’s stores in Salt Lake- I stayed in the car while he went inside. It wasn’t long before we were on the road again. We stopped again at another place, a Little Ceasars Pizza. He picked up a bunch of pizzas for his friends who were back in Provo watching an NFL Playoff game- I went inside this time, but before doing so I switched my shoes, trading my sandals for my Uggs. (I don’t think he was impressed with the Uggs). Finally, after we got the pizzas, we were on our way down to Provo. We began to talk quite a bit on the way. I remember he kept looking at me a lot- I was worried he wasn’t paying enough attention to the road- I knew though he was just excited we’d finally met! We’d planned to hang out that afternoon since I had time to kill before heading off to Idaho.

The Football Game 
When we finally got closer to Provo, we headed over to his friend’s house in North Orem to watch the rest of the football game. I had no idea all of his friends were going to be there- and somehow everyone already knew Spencer was bringing me,- the girl from San Diego he met off the internet! Talk about totally awkward!!! I was just relieved I didn’t know any of the people, and I assumed I’d never see them again in my lifetime!

The Orange Hands
Oh yeah- if Spencer could add a detail to this whole story, he’d probably point out I had orange hands!!! It’s true; my hands were orange the day I met him. I had put on some self-tanner earlier that morning before I caught my flight out of San Diego- I guess I didn’t wash it off good- and well, hence the orange hands. Totally embarrassing! I’m not sure he really noticed since he was probably used to most of the girls in Happy Valley being orange (most of them self tan or fake and bake)- but I was self-conscious, so I told him immediately after we met at the airport, because I didn’t want him to think I was an orange freak! Luckily, he was cool about it.

The Broken Leg
After the game was over and we said “Adieu” to his friends, he drove me down to the frisbee golf course in South Provo. We were going to go sledding! Spencer always told me how crazy he was about sledding, and I didn’t mind having some fun in the snow, so I agreed to sled with him for a while. After we had changed into our snow gear, we were ready to hit the slopes. I was a bit modest on my first ride down the hill- I rode slow, trying to avoid crashing. Spencer on the other hand- he was all about catching speed down the hill! He convinced me to ride down the hill with him, and after I had begged him to take some caution and not go too fast, we were off! Speeding down the snowy hill, we hit a bump, and since I was on the front of the sled I lost my seating and flew through the air probably 20 feet! I landed on the hard, wet, packed snow, and not much after that, Spencer came flying onto my leg! The pain was super intense, and after screaming and crying hysterically for I moment, I regained my composure. My leg hurt like crazy, and I was worried I’d broken it! How was I ever going to tell my parents I broke my leg while sledding with a guy I just met???! I hadn’t even been away from home for 12 hours!!! Spencer was sympathetic, and he laid in the snow with me for a while before I felt I could walk again. (Note: my leg wasn’t broken, it was just sore and bruised up). I really enjoyed that moment laying in the snow beside him.

Hot Chocolate and Dropoff
After our sledding adventure, Spencer took me to his favorite place to get hot chocolate- (it was a nice treat after being out in the cold snow). We parked along the side of the road and drank it in his car. I wasn’t quite sure at first what we were doing, and I remember I was worried he was parking because he wanted to kiss me before saying goodbye! Well, I feared wrong- Spencer was a total gentleman; we just drank our drinks, and he made no advances.

This was the end of our first date!