These were our boys Valentines they I made, that they passed out in school.
{Okay honestly, I printed them, cut most of them out
 and they each helped hot glue the bugs on. 
 I let them do all the signing of course.}
56 bugs. 
Each one, glued onto its own card stock mason jar, carefully signed…
These LOVE BUG Valentines beat out all of the other humdrum Valentines.
Totally macho AND cool.
Thanks dandee for the free downloads
{click here for your own!}!
Valentines Daywas a LOT of fun this year.
It helps that I had 6 Valentines to share it with!!!
Chocolate doughnuts and chocolate milk.
It was Valentines Day
Everyone NEEDS a little chocolate to start their day!
I surprised each of our boys with their own LOVE BUG balloon and candy arrow.
 While Noah was at school,
I scrambled to pack the other 4 boys up in our car
and we drove up to Spencer‘s school
to surprise him with lunch from In-N-Out and a balloon/candy bouquet!
 I got lost getting to Spencer‘s school,
{it had been a while since I’d been last}...
The plan was to get there before his lunch break,
but as it turns out,
after a few wrong turns and a long detour
we didn’t make it there until the end of lunch…
No matter-
our boys still enjoyed getting to see Dad at work
and Spencer‘s students enjoyed meeting our boys.
We might have arrived later than originally planned,
but we really did surprise Spencer!
He had no clue we were coming!
We found him in his classroom,
eating lunch. Already!
It’s all good though-
he still ate the Double Double we brought him.
Our boys LOVE to visit the turtle
in the science class next door to Spencer‘s classroom…
They keep hoping that one of these weekends
Spencer will bring it home for us to watch and care for…
perhaps one of these days…
until then, I’m in no hurry to have him come and visit.
We couldn’t stay for very long;
Spencer had a class to teach
and Noah was going to be arriving home from school on the bus at any minute,
so we snapped this picture of the gang
on the fancy shmancy orange couch outside of Spencer‘s class.
I’m not sure what makes the couch look more ugly—
the fact that it’s a burnt orange color
or the fact that someone tried to cover it up with that hideous plaid blanket.
It’s hard to imagine that in just a few more years,
these tots will be teens running the halls of a junior high similar to Spencer‘s.
Oh, just in case if you were curious,
Atticus came along on the trip to Spencer‘s school with us.
Our visit was literally a “hit and run” visit,
with no time to waste
so the babe sat chillin’ in the stroller.
What we eat is always an important matter on Valentines
Everyone knows,
the food we eat on Valentines must consist of 1 of 2 things…
or red
Come on, you didn’t know that?!
I thought everyone knew!
needless to say
our lunch was very red!
Homemade gluten free pepperoni pizza,
heart shaped strawberry jello
and vanilla yogurt with fresh cut strawberries.
We watched “Lady and the Tramp”
and spent the rest of the afternoon playing games…
Noah and Ian attended a Valentines Day party for an hour at a friends house…
{this scratch off heart garland above is an idea I found online-
click to see here}
{I found these adorable Valentine fortune tellers above here}…
 Okay, so I realize pulled pork sandwiches
don’t meet either of the two mandatory Valentine food criteria
chocolate and/or red in color,-
but pulled pork sandwiches, along with carrots and Doritos
sure tasted delish!
Don’t you worry though-
I made some Love Potion Punch for the fam to drink.
You better believe, I made the Mr. drink it too! (wink.wink.)
Love Potion= Red raspberry soda + a little dry ice.
For dessert,
I made chocolate mousse with fresh pink whipped cream.
I had never before in my life eaten chocolate mousse,
but let me tell you,
my gosh!
not to mention,
extremely easy to make.
Before piling into bed for the evening,
we played a few more games…
Blow darts into the tin can
(a.k.a. blowing a q-tip out of a straw)…
Please take notice of the fact
 that Bentley decided to use his q-tips for other purposes…
Valentines Day bingo…
I nearly forgot…
here are Ian and Cohen with their Valentines Day loot 
they brought home from their parties at school…
It will all probably still be sitting in my cupboard by the time summer arrives…
they wanted to eat it all right away,
but I wouldn’t let them,
so after choosing one piece to eat,
I hid the rest away in a cupboard
and they haven’t asked for it since.
 I hope every one had a fantastic Valentines Day!
We enjoyed ours!
It warms my heart knowing that my 6 Valentines 
are eternally mine!