Anyone want to take a gander and guess what we were busy doing yesterday morning???

If you guessed gardening {or at least getting our planter boxes  in place and ready for planting a great big garden}, you.are.right!  If there’s one good thing about having 5 boys as opposed to daughters, it’s the fact that they’ll be useful for doing yard work and gardening.  Oh yeah!  Actually, their job yesterday morning was to help me weed the planter beds or help me shake out and throw away the weeds I’d pulled but instead they were off digging huge holes!  I sure hope that over time, they become more focused or I’ll end up with a backyard that resembles the desert in “Holes” the movie.

If anyone has any really helpful gardening tips, please share!

School resumes tomorrow… I’m so NOT ready for the old routine to begin again; my kids are, I’m NOT! I’m already ACHING for summer!  This past week has been AMAZING!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how NICE it’s been to sleep in and not have to hit the ground running the second I wake up… Then again, I haven’t seen any of the “Today” morning show/news that I usually have on in the morning in the background as we’re all getting ready for school. I don’t have any idea what’s happened in the news this past week; I’ve actually MISSED hearing Matt and Ann in the morning!    I hope and PRAY we’re on time for the bus and school tomorrow morning!  We’ve got a BUSY week ahead! ONWARD HO!