So today, Tuesday May 8Th marks the baby’s due date (coincidentally also marks the same date that 5 years ago I entered the MTC for my mission). No baby yet either- I’m pretty relieved. He’ll be here sometime tomorrow though if everything goes as planned. It’s been an interesting recent 24 hours for me- you see yesterday I went in for my last check up and this time I actually got to see my doctor and not the RN (thank goodness- for those of you I may have spoken to recently- I’ve been on a soapbox about my doctors RN because for the last 3 visits she’s been the one I’ve had to see for appointments since my doctor is so busy with deliveries, and I absolutely HATE (with an emphasis) the RN! #1 she’s just weird- #2 I don’t think she does a good job. She forgot to give me my Rogham shot 8 weeks late- this could have been potentially very dangerous to the baby’s health- #3 she hadn’t checked me to see how my progress was or how the baby’s heart sounded… so anyhow- yeah- I definitely dislike the RN- so after weeks of gritting my teeth at each doctors appointment I actually got to see my real doctor. When he checked me he said I was advancing really well and ready at any time to have the baby. Actually if I were just 1/2 a centimeter further along they would have kept me in the hospital. He even asked if I wanted to have the baby yesterday but I declined- so he suggested I have it today, but again I declined- I’d much rather keep the induction scheduled as is for tomorrow, Wednesday. He said with luck I may make it until tomorrow without going into labor on my own- but we’ll see- I already made it through last night. Now some of you may laugh as I tell you exactly why I didn’t want to have the baby yesterday and why I was earnestly praying it wouldn’t come- The Utah Jazz played last night, and against my will but dutifully as Spencer’s wife, I had already told Spencer he could buy tickets again and go to the game with friends- so I didn’t want to go into labor while he was up in Salt Lake at the Jazz game- and I declined to be induced today because Spencer’s brother is flying in from South America and after he goes to pick him up the two of them are making a quick drive up to Evanston, WY for business and then later tonight my own mother is flying into Salt Lake- so we had plans to go and pick her up too. Along with what I’ve already explained as to the reason why I didn’t want to have the baby just yet- well, as many of you know- while I like spontaneity, I also love plans and having nature not run its course- but run as I’ve planned. There’s still about a million things I want to finish up around the house before the baby comes, so for that reason I pray this baby will wait to come as we have scheduled for tomorrow. I know, I’m terrible! You should have seen the scrambling I was doing around our house last night to get things taken care of- all while having terrible back pain and contractions! Oh yeah, funny thing- the Jazz play again here in Salt Lake tomorrow night- so I already know, without Spencer telling me, that tomorrow night in the hospital room I can expect to be watching the game with him- I love it! Well, we’ll keep you posted on the baby’s arrival and what we’ve decided to name him. Oh yeah- funny side note- at my appointment yesterday my doctor was remarking about how amazed he was to see I hadn’t any stretch marks on my belly- he went on and on in front of the nurses- and while I should have felt flattered, I was more embarrassed wondering to myself if he’d forgotten to put on his glasses- cuz I pointed out he should look again below my belly button and sure enough, that’s where the stretch marks where hiding- ooops! I could tell after I corrected him, he too felt a little embarrassed about trying to flatter me. I had a good chuckle.