To Holly, Isla, and Ian

Today during church the boys sang Armies of Helaman for Mother’s Day. It was pretty emotional. I remember being in Primary marching around the gym singing the same song.  Holly, you were in my arms and Isla you were standing next to me so you could see all of your brothers. Mom was getting a much needed two-minute break on Mother’s Day. As I sat there with the two of you, I thought about your future and all of the potential you have. I thought about how strong your mother is and hoped that you have her strength. I thought about both of your Grandmas and how loving and vigilant they are. I hope both you get a portion of that. I

Isla you are starting to get a little sassy, which is sometimes cute, and sometimes really frustrating and difficult to deal with. Especially when mommy is trying to fix your hair. You are out of the Frozen stage and have moved into the Toy Story phase. You sleep with Woody every night and play with Atticus whenever he is willing.

Holly, you are smiling now when we “coo” at you. You love to be held, more than any of our other kids. I hope that this means you will be social and maybe more than your average butterfly.

Ian, your birthday is tomorrow, and I have to work. It’s hard to explain why I have to “miss” important things, but ultimately it’s because I want you and your brothers to have awesome memories and experiences. Mommy and I made a peanut butter Lego cake that was pretty epic. You enjoyed it. You received a pair of basketball shorts and a skateboard. You are helpful and love to help when you are not asked. It’s crazy that today we a 10,8,7,6,5,3, 2-month-old.

People ask me how we do it. I don’t know. We just do it. Mommy and I rarely have time to think about how things get done; we just get them done.

This post was a longer post. I hope to keep them smaller and more intimate moving forward.