Spencer’s Movie Rating/ Guideline

There are one of four things I expect when I pay money to see a film. One, I want to be entertained. Two, I want to learn something new. Three, I want to laugh. Four I want to leave my current space (that of being a husband, father administrator, etc.) and experience something new for about three hours.  As many of you know, my Mother is the House manager/Volunteer manager at the SCERA in Orem, Utah. This connection allows me to see a lot of movies. Once a month I have a “guys movie night” and go with a group of guys to see a film in the theatres.

Below is an explanation of my rating criteria.
Spencer’s Movie Rating Guideline

★★★★ 4 stars
Not a perfect movie, (Only a handful in my opinion) but one I would purchase and watch numerous times as well as add it to my top 100 movies list and not shut up about. Examples of my four-star movies include Dead Poet’s Society, The Dark Knight, Braveheart, A Beautiful Mind, Whiplash, Inception, Godfather part I, Moana, King’s Speech.

★★★ 3 stars
A good movie that I’m glad I spent money on and would recommend to other moviegoers.  Examples: Sandlot, Ocean’s Eleven, Back to the Future, Rear Window, Jurassic Park.

★★ 2 stars
A movie that I wish I would have waited for Redbox, Netflix or the “Dollar” Movie.  Examples: Unfortunately, a lot and most of the kid movies we see at the theatre.

★ 1 star
A movie: I would walk out of, I’d ask a refund for, that I consider my three hours watching a waste of time. Examples: Double Dragon

After the movie rating, I plan to share a brief explanation of the movie and then my parental guide to the movie. Again, the standards of my family may be different from yours.  Our kid’s ages range from 12 years old – 18 months.

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