If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then the following will just be a repeat… sorry.  I haven’t posted anything for a while- doubly sorry.  I’ve meant to but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it.  We have a few “sickies” among us- including myself…. It’s Winter, so naturally what else would you expect but the flu to be blazing a trail thru our home!  I’m on the mends, but I’m afraid Atticus is feeling worse now than he had felt earlier this week…  It’s pretty miserable, staying home all.day.long.every.day. waiting out this cold, but it also makes for a good excuse to catch some extra sleep, and if there’s one thing I LOVE, it’s SLEEP!


Happy day! Ian earned the Super Sailor award yesterday at school, which recognizes him for being a model student. If any kid deserves this award, it’s Ian. He’s been flying low under the radar now at school these past few years, though he’s always excelled, aced his tests, been exceptionally kind to his classmates and really outdoes himself on projects— his only problem is he’s SHY- terribly shy- which sometimes means he gets overlooked. Though he hasn’t complained, I imagine it’s been tough on him to sit back and watch his 2 other brothers earn awards for model behavior both last year and this year, without any recognition of his own…He’s been a good sport about it, continuing to work hard and be patient. As his mother, I’ve been concerned about it… Ian continues to excel in school with or without awards, however, he reacts positively to praise and recognition from his mentors and really relishes it; he lights up and comes alive with praise and it seems to add a boost of confidence in him that otherwise he doesn’t exhibit often… I might have said at least half a dozen prayers concerning this very matter since the last award ceremony- praying that his teacher would recognize him for his efforts… needless to say- those prayers were heard and answered! I’m thankful Ian enjoys school! I’m also thankful he has become such a kind, considerate and thoughtful young boy! Indeed, I’m additionally thankful that he’s a hard worker! He’s no longer flying low under the radar anymore- he’s sailing high!!! ‪

DSC_0462 Ian’s on the far left in the photo below… he looked pretty miserable standing up in front of the school yesterday, being recognized for all of his hard work- he’s so terribly shy.  Whether he liked the spotlight or not, I’m glad for once he was recognized and pointed out for all his excellent work and effort.