So another week has flown by and a new one has begun. Just when I had thought things would start to slow down and I could carry on with my “lazy summer ways”, I was swept off my feet again, toting the boys around from here to there- but I remind you, I like to stay busy. Ian had his 2 month check up just this last week, and after being weighed and measured, there’s good news all around cuz he’s finally starting to pack on the pounds after his surgery. He’s no heavyweight, but he did manage to put on 2 pounds since he was in the hospital, weighing in at 11 pounds even and measuring 24 inches in height. Funny again how he and Noah are both related but have little resemblance. He’s growing too fast for me. I remember with Noah I felt like I had the chance to really enjoy each milestone he met (first real smile, first coo, first giggle,….) but with Ian I feel as if I barely have the chance to even do so much as to blink and I’ve missed it all. Noah gave me a few extra months to dote over him, carrying him from one point to another since he wasn’t crawling till he was 13 months and wasn’t walking until he was 17 months old. With Ian, I’m afraid that boy will be crawling before Christmas and walking just after New Years! He’s starting to sleep better again at night, only waking up once for a bottle and that’s usually the same time I’m waking up for the new day myself. I’ve been making an effort to wake up early in the mornings- I find I can get more things done than if I sleep in a little later. It’s been hard forcing myself to get up since I’ve always been able to sleep in- I usually end up crashing at night- which isn’t bad since I used to just stay up super late watching TV or reading. I took the boys swimming a couple of times last week at Seven Peaks. It’s nice to be able to get away and cool off for a couple of hours especially in this heat! It’s been soooo hot lately I swear I almost burned the bottom of my feet off walking around at the water park. On a sad note, earlier last week my in-laws had to put their beloved dog “Cookie” to sleep. She was a Pomeranian/poodle mix- the strangest looking dog you’ve ever seen- but cute. In fact, I always thought of “Bambi” when ever I saw her. She was an older dog, I think about 13 years old or so. It’s been a rough couple of months for us and family dogs, since it was just back in April that my parents Lab died. Both will be missed of course- in fact Noah still randomly talks about “Buddy” and on Friday he was walking around the house looking for “Cookie”. It will be a while before we ever get a dog of our own, so I’m thinking of getting Noah a fish- although- I haven’t ever had much luck keeping fish alive- I guess it’s a good thing goldfish all look alike in case I ever need replacements. 🙂 Okay, onto a happier note- I got to see one of my old roommates from Ricks and her little boy- Amy and Bjourn. I’m soooo happy cuz I just found out she lives not too far from me. She looked good and her little boy is the funniest kid. We met up at a park so the boys could play- but it was too hot to just stand around and push them in swings, so we let Noah and Bjourn run around in the water fountain. Amy’s little boy didn’t want to keep his diaper on- so Amy chased him around in the fountain for a little bit as he streaked the rest of us. I think Bjourn must had given Noah some ideas, since after our get together I’ve caught Noah a couple of times now trying to pull off his own diaper. It was fun catching up and to hear how she’s been doing. Saturday I met up with my friend Amanda and her little boy Tiancum. We went and watched “Ratatouille” again. (This was Noah’s 3rd time seeing the movie- he’s a sucker for popcorn so he’ll sit through any movie so long as he has some). Last week he also watched “Evan Almighty”- Noah especially loved all of the animals in the movie- and Spencer and I watched the midnight premier of “Harry Potter”. Spencer and I both agree, we liked this movie the best- although most everyone we talked to liked it the least. Last Thursday I found myself shopping all day- grocery shopping that is. Have I ever mentioned how much a detest grocery shopping??? Spencer doesn’t believe that I hate it because he sees the grocery bill and thinks that if I spend that much on food I must absolutely love it- he’s wrong though- usually the grocery bill is a lot, just because I really try to get all the majority of food items we need for the month bought in one trip. I’m really serious- I hate grocery shopping so much, I usually put it off for as long as possible- I actually have to phsyc myself up to do it- that’s probably because I usually have to go from store to store to get everything we need. I especially hate when I’m done at the stores and I have to go home and unpack everything and find a place for all the food- that usually takes another hour at least! If I ever become wealthy, I’d instantly hire a personal shopper. Well that’s about it for the big highlights of last week- doesn’t sound like much I know, but with a few other events I failed to mention, we really did stay busy. Noah sure kept me on my toes all week. Each day it seemed he would create new landmines of Cheerios or Chex mix all over our living room or his bedroom floor. After carefully seeing that each Cheerio was in place (approximately 1/2 inch apart from the next Cheerio) Noah would run all over and smash each piece with his feet. Naturally I love to vacuum, but I had to vacuum up his messes a little too often last week. After getting his thrill from making the landmines of Cheerios, Noah moved on to emptying out a large 64 ounce can of baby formula all over our bed and even sprinkling it all over Ian. Ian’s face was actually even powdered white from Noah trying to feed him the formula-Ian wasn’t too fond of his formula dry, he prefers it wet and in a bottle of course. It was a mess and I definitely wasn’t happy about it since that’s a month of food for the baby so Noah spent some jail time in his crib. Strangely enough, he wasn’t too upset. In fact- he just bounced up and down on his mattress for about 20 minutes while I cleaned up the mess. When I was finally done removing the sheets and cleaning up Ian, I tried to have Noah apologize by saying “Sorry” but that little booger, he went on for another 20 minutes bouncing around before he would give in and say it. Oddly though, today in the mail I received two 12 ounce cans of the same baby formula for free– I never knew the company sent out free gift samples in the mail. I have to laugh, imagining that God must had enjoyed Noah’s “Rock Star” charade but felt bad for the baby, so he sent out an order of Enfamil formula to our home. Well that’s about it for our happenings from last week. This week Noah is taking swimming lessons. It’s a two week course with class each morning over at the outdoor pool here in Orem. He’s enjoying the water. I’m 2 for 3 though, this is the third time I’ve had Noah in swim lessons and two of the 3 times the instructors haven’t been very good, this time being the 2nd of the 3rd. Next summer I hope to sneak him into one of the actual real classes that begin teaching the different strokes… Anyhow, the fams doing well- Spencer, Noah, Ian, and myself… we’re all in good health and lifes good, so what more can I ask for?