I was 22.

I woke up this morning to Kalun shaking me out of bed. He said that there had been a terrorist attack on the United States. The World Trade Center was bombed by two airplanes, 50 minutes later both of the buildings collapsed. They do not know how many people have died. Another plain crashed into the Pentagon. As history unfolds before my eyes I am speechless. I am watching this unfold knowing that this will change everything.

It is the most aggressive attack on American soil in the past 60 years. Today a cloud of grief hangs over this great country. Today  Blacks, Whites, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Republicans, Democrats,  will be together as one. Americans. Which reminds me of a scripture that I don’t know the reference to: “If ye are not one, ye are not mine.”

As the God of this world watches and comforts those who need help and comfort, and as a citizen of the United States this will go down as one of the darkest days of my life.

God is watching, he is waiting to see what his children will do, say, and how they will react. I will never forget the feeling of indignant justice I have a this moment.


I am 34.

I have since had darker moments and also times of pure elation. Life does that to us. The moment described above opened my eyes to see the world and myself in a different way. I am less judgmental. I read more. I listen more. I ask more questions.  I am more accepting of people, ideas, and different ways of thinking.

I am trying to teach my children what this day means, but it is difficult. Just as my parents tried to teach me what the JFK assassination or Vietnam means or meant to them, there is no connection. I will keep trying.

We Will Always Remember.