The Exact Moment When You Know Your Child is Lying

Kids lie. I lie. My wife lies. Sometimes those lies are so ridiculous that they make us laugh. This post is about one of those lies.

Last week while we were getting ready to eat breakfast, Atticus was making fun of Bentley because he had “green goo” in his hair. The following video is what transpired.

The greatest part about this moment is that he knows that I know, and he still refused to tell the truth. Bentley is a lot like me. I remember digging myself so far down into the lying pit, that I made up silly stories about the circus coming to town to get out of certain situations. B didn’t make up a story, but he stuck with his story throughout the entire process. I finally got the truth out of him later that day.

I’m glad that he finally decided to tell the truth and that he trusted us enough to know that he wasn’t going to get in a lot of trouble. Sometimes the natural consequences of kid’s choices are enough punishment. Hopefully, he won’t sneak gum at bedtime anymore.