This is what I woke up to the other morning. It had to do with either pee on the floor, or soap all over the bathroom. I don’t remember which. Anytime something goes wrong it turns into a “Whodoneit?” mystery. Each of the boys blames another boy. Sometimes they gang up and all point the finger at Atticus. His only defense is Nooooooo….Bentley did it. It is quite comical. Bentley never does anything, at least he that’s what he thinks. He is quite the fibber. According to him, he has beat all of the levels on Candy Crush(Candy Crush has replaced Angry Birds as the game of choice).

The older boys are much better at taking responsibility when they know that we know what happened.  Anyway, I have tried to explain to Stephanie that the pee situation is only going to get worse. Imagine five teenage boys using the same bathroom, getting ready for school, dates ect. A stinky nightmare.