It must be Monday.

It must also be January.


In case you care to know, I had a case of the Winter Blues today…


How do I fix a bad case of the Winter Blues???


Why I hibernate of course!

I hunker down- throw on some pajama pants, {because comfort is key}- make myself some hot chocolate while the little ones are napping and my other kids are at school and catch up on the new season of Downton Abbey {funny how at first I disliked that show but now I can’t seem to get enough of it!}  Then I catch a “power nap” and after all the kids have come home from school and done their homework, why I let them choose some movies to watch too, of course! My Mr. had school this evening following work, so I decided to really outdo myself in the dinner department and prepared taquitos, carrots and dip and smoothies for everyone! Funny thing is, not one kid complained about it… so I suppose the real question I’ve been asking myself since dinner is “WHY on earth do I spend so many hours every week preparing meals when I can make meals in a minute by nuking them in the microwave?!” I’m blaming it on domestic duties…  speaking of domestic… look at who’s a DOMESTIC DIVA!!!  Yep- this little lady takes her house chores quite seriously… I turned away for a minute to put some glasses up in the cupboard and turned back to see that Isla had crawled up into the dishwasher- ready to help me empty out some more dishes!!!


It was a low key kind of day today… the kind of day I really truly ENJOY after a busy busy weekend.

Best news of the day today… our littlest Mr.- Atticus- has gone poop, not once, but TWICE, on the toilet!!!  I know it might not sound like much to celebrate but in my case- that’s two less poopy diapers I had to change.  I don’t want to jinx anything here, but it appears as though quite possibly his long time fear of pooping on the toilet may be gone!  Now the next trick will be to get him to wipe properly…  tonight he tried to put his nighttime Pull-up diaper on with half a wad of toilet paper still stuck to his bum.  Sometimes there really are perks to having a child still in diapers- just saying…


Dreaming of sunnier days while still trying to BE PRESENT for these cold, wet ones too…1548201_10152723433280169_7472887320485592957_o 1970686_10152247992375169_1492514545_n 10342422_10152518675805169_4564852241537322635_n 10408903_10152493959740169_8890502346117525096_n DSC_0126