Tuesday was our final full day vacationing in San Diego… we packed up our luggage and strapped our kids into their carseats to return to Utah on Wednesday.  Back to Tuesday, we spent the day soaking in every last ray of sunshine we could at the beach, followed by dinner with my family at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Machado and night swimming at the hotel with cousins.

We tried to do an impromptu photo shoot with the boys…  we had no luck getting all of them to smile simultaneously for the camera {they were being completely silly} but I did manage to get some cute pictures nonetheless. {don’t mind their farmer tans. Keep in mind we took this vacation the first week in June so summer had just barely begun.  They’ve all been in the sun plenty since to eliminate any hint of farmer tans.}.


We had such a great time visiting my family and home in San Diego…  I have to admit, it was extremely difficult leaving.  Our boys are all at the age now where they all really enjoy the same things I grew up enjoying, like the beach and the zoo… Utah just doesn’t have those things {well correction, they have a zoo, but it’s pretty pathetic when compared to the wold famous San Diego Zoo}. My home will always be San Diego.  I’d love to see my boys get to visit the beach more frequently- a week or two out of the year just doesn’t cut it.  No worries though, I’ve informed Spencer that he needs to earn a small fortune so we can buy a beach house there… that’s not too much to ask, right?!

P.S. I brought these lemons back to Utah from San Diego… I picked them off of my mother’s lemon bush.  She still had dozens left to pick but I didn’t have any more room in our car to store them so the plan is to return every Fall {except for this Fall} when lemons are in season, pick a bunch and bring them back to Utah to sell.  We could earn our small fortune selling lemons!!!  They’re NOT cheap here. Perhaps we WILL eventually be able to buy a beach house in San Diego… a girl can always dream.