As you may {or may not recall} from THIS previous post, I told you all that we had some pretty fun plans in store for that weekend… we did indeed enjoy a FUN weekend, I just failed to ever write about it or post any of the pictures I took from it… so, better late than never, here they are…

We visited The Riverwoods in Provo to see the Chalk Art Festival.  I took the boys along with me; it was our first time attending.  I have to say, it wasn’t exactly what I imagined the festival to be…  I thought there would be more elaborate chalk art by professionals (none of which we found)- instead it was mostly art done by little kids (some of which was actually REALLY good) and there booths set up outside to vend various doodads.

It was actually pretty warm on this particular Saturday so since we had time to kill, I decided to let the boys cool off in the fountains there {it’s a good thing I thought to let them wear their boardshorts}!

Following our trip to the Chalk Art Festival, I took the boys to the skateboard park to let them ride their scooters.  The 3 older boys LOVED the freedom to just ride- no worries about traffic to stop and look for.  Of course, Ian, was the first to attempt dropping in on a ramp; he’s our fearless, adrenaline junkie.

We went to my in laws house afterwards so the two older boys, Noah and Ian, could carve their pinewood derby cars with Spencer in grandpa’s wood workshop.

Okay, I’ll be honest: The two boys mostly just watched while Spencer carved the cars.  Ian’s car was carved into a rocket and Noah’s was smooth, sleek and had a hole up by the spoiler.  It just occurred to me, that beginning next year, we’ll actually have a scout!!!  For the next 10 consecutive years, we’ll have boys in the cub scout program and every year we’ll have to help them make pinewood derby cars.  By the time all 5 of our boys advance from the cub scouting program, we’ll have 15 pinewood derby cars they’ve made!!!  We’ll probably have to build a bookshelf just to have a place to put them!

While the guys worked in the tool shop, Linda (my mother in law), showed me/helped me can peaches! I actually enjoyed tapping into my domestic side!

I canned a lot of peaches- probably not enough to last us the year…  Probably not even half the year.  My boys LOVE peaches!  These will probably only last a few months- if that!  The following weekend I also canned a lot of peach jam…  it might sound weird, but my boys LOVE the jam on their oatmeal.  Anywho, I’ve decided after my peach canning experience, we are in need of a few peach trees in our backyard… and perhaps a cherry tree and of course a few apples…  I know exactly the right place to put them- now if only I didn’t have to wait to plant till spring to plant them and the first few years to watch them mature…

Speaking of bounty from the home and garden….  remember THIS post?  Well are pleased to say the garden was a success… not a total success- those strawberry plants we planted (all 6 of them) didn’t really produce much (I’m thinking they need a container of their own to grow in), and the cantaloupe and watermelon I planted never came to fruition, BUT we did get a ton of zucchini from the garden, some delicious cucumbers, a few yellow squash, tons of tomatoes (cherry and beefsteak), some orange peppers, green peppers, lots of yellow beans, lots of carrots, snap peas, romaine lettuce and butterleaf  lettuce, 3 medium sized pumpkins, and tons of herbs like green onions, chives, basil, oregano and cilantro that turned into coriander before I could harvest it.  ‘Nough said, I’d say the harvest was a success!  There will be some changes and new additions for next year’s garden, but overall, we’re pleased with all we grew!

Most of my beefsteak tomatoes did not ripen before the first frost hit, so with help from our boys one chilly evening, we picked all of them (an entire barrel full) and we’re storing them in our basement till they ripen.

 {Below are only HALF of the green tomatoes we picked…

I gave away a lot to neighbors… no need to keep them all to ourselves.}

{Surprisingly, most of the green tomatoes are ripening up quite nicely.

These tomatoes below ripened on their own just yesterday while sitting in the barrel in the basement.}