Author: Spencer

Lego Batman Movie Review

The great thing about having grandma work at the Scera is watching movies the weekend they come out. After an early morning of cleaning, we went down to Orem to watch the Lego Batman movie. It was worth the wait and lived up to the...

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We Relived Our First Date: Thirteen Years and Seven Kids Later

We Relived our First Date: 13 Years and Seven Kids Later  Below is Stephanie’s version of the story taken from her old blog. The Airport I didn’t see him till I had come down the elevator and out of the security gate, nearing the baggage claim area. He was sitting down in a seat, and he stood up as I wondered out with my carry on items. He recognized me first I guess. He kinda had a smile on his face, but not a complete one, and he was quite. I guess I was quiet too. I wasn’t quite...

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The Exact Moment When You Know Your Child is Lying

The Exact Moment When You Know Your Child is Lying Kids lie. I lie. My wife lies. Sometimes those lies are so ridiculous that they make us laugh. This post is about one of those lies. Last week while we were getting ready to eat breakfast, Atticus was making fun of Bentley because he had “green goo” in his hair. The following video is what transpired. The greatest part about this moment is that he knows that I know, and he still refused to tell the truth. Bentley is a lot like me. I remember digging myself so far...

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