Who needs those uber expensive Lego sets {you know the ones… the replicas of Star Wars ships or Pirates of The Caribbean boats that cost a hundred bucks} when I already have 2, creative young boys, who see a picture of an animal in a book they’re reading and decide together that they’re going to recreate that exact same animal out of Legos?! Yep- you don’t need the kits when you’ve got kids who know how to use their own imaginations!


Look at these bird heads that Noah and Ian made yesterday during their nap time/quiete time….


Can you guess what this first bird is supposed to be???  I knew right away without them even having to tell me. 😉

boys lego birds

It’s a blue Macaw… or as Bentley and Cohen put it, “Blue” from the movie “Rio”.

boys lego birds 1

Pretty impressive right?!  and the thing is, I didn’t even have to help them!

Here are a few others they managed to make yesterday…  they want to make all of the birds, so that eventually they can get pictures of each and put together a Lego photo book of birds. Now that’s some clever thinking!

boys lego birds 5

Can you figure out what this bird is???

I’ll give you a hint below…

boys lego birds 2

Yep!  It’s the laughing Kookaburra…  you knew that, right?!

And this bird below??? {hint: If it helps any, the little orange block is supposed to be the bird’s eye, but they ran out of eyes}…

boys lego birds 6

boys lego birds 3It’s the Scarlet ibis.

and this last one:  It’s green like a parrot, but I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT a parrot…  it’s another kind of bird… any guesses?

boys lego birds 4

It’s a Mallard.  {again, the black Lego is supposed to be an eye}.

boys birds- mallard

I think I’m going to have to buy a few more big boxes of Legos!